AJBake Plays

Content Creator | Digital Artist | Video Editor
Social Media Manager

Meet AJBake!

AJBake Plays is a full-time content creator from the midwest United States. AJ has been creating content since 2018, with a primary focus on Nintendo and Sega-related media. In addition to streaming weekly on Twitch, AJ also uploads weekly videos to YouTube, and creates a wide variety of digital art and media.

Watch AJBake Live

AJ streams weekly on Twitch, and uploads new videos quarterly to YouTube!

Our current stream schedule is as follows:
Monday - 3pm CST
Wednesday - 3pm CST
Friday - 12pm CST

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Art by AJ

AJBake also offers a wide variety of commissioned art services, including custom Twitch emotes, logos, profile pictures, banners, overlays, and much more. Contact me via the outlets below, and let's create your next masterpiece!

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